There is a possibility that Lockdown restrictions may be eased by the Scottish government later this month. However the permit dispenser The Sports and Model Shop in Dingwall may not be allowed to reopen at the same time therefore any member who has not already joined will be accommodated in the following way.

1)Private mail on here and the relative information will given out in order to purchase your permits

2)The only way to pay is bank transfer or cheque and your permits will be posted out .

3) Cash payment - as access to the Bank is currently restricted this payment method will need to wait until the Shop reopens before you can obtain your permit and go fishing.

Day and Weekly tickets can be obtained via Fishpal ensure you take your receipt with you.

The permit prices are as follows:

Adults £140, Seniors ( over 65 ) £100, Family £160, Juniors £20, Disabled £20, Youth £70 (over 16/21 and either employed or unemployed)

The Club are aware that everyone is desperate to get back on the river but please be aware that the CFFB Bailiffs are vigilant and will ask for your permit. Anyone not in possession of a permit will be in breach of club rules and will be dealt with accordingly.